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WONDERBOX (Carbon Fibre Wrap)


LAST ONE with Carbon Fibre Wrap.

- Split your signal properly between two amps and not suffer from impedance/passive tone suck.

- Send a dry signal to a recording interface for reamping later, whilst tracking through an amp (or another interface input)

- Place in your amps series fx loop and be able to activate and parallel blend a stompbox in the loop.

- You and a friend (or student) can both plug into one amp
(blend who is louder…and stomp to mute the signal)

- Blend a dry signal with a pedal, not get phase cancelling issues and bypass with a stomp.

- Blend between 2 different pedals and get some interesting sounds by flipping the phase... and bypass both with a single stomp

- Use as a buffer with nothing connected in loops

- Use as a tuner mute

- Stomp to select between 1 amp and an additional 1-2 signal outputs.

Video demonstration of some applications -



Pedals will post upon payment. no build wait time as of present.

Requires 9V DC power via 2.1mm centre negative (boss style) jack. NO Battery option