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Part of a limited run of Crackle Black on White enclosure finishes.
Pictures are of actual item you will receive

"MARKOV" is built on a hybrid/tweaked MK1.5 Tonebender/Fuzz Face platform. 2x NOS Russian MP Germanium Transistors + an additional gain stage (taken from our Gain of Tones FTK edition) the result is the ability to adjust between thick, spitty aggressive fuzz, crunchy overdrive and verge of breakup/clean tones, depending on the Range knob setting) all from your guitars volume control.

Setup for 9VDC Centre Negative power only

Controls –

Output – Volume level
Range – Attack (Gain and Bias)
Shift – Wired up as Bias control to the second transistor stage. This affects decay and sustain, from spluttery and dying battery-like like to full on speaker exploding grittyness, with layers of harmonic overtones cascading into sweet singing feedback.

more info/clips of Markov :


Postage -
Australia : $13.00
If you are located in Perth WESTERN AUSTRALIA and would like to arrange pickup in OSBORNE PARK 6017 (only available on certain days and times) please email anarchyaudioaustralia.com prior to purchasing, so that we can arrange a time + provide you with a checkout code to waive postage costs.

Everywhere else : a flat rate of $30.00 is listed, however, depending on your location, actual postage will be calculated and any surplus charges will be refunded via paypal.