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Effects category : Enhance & Modulate

Applications: Dual mode ambient delay and modulation effects

From ambient dreamscapes to trippy seasick nightmares. Welcome to the Hereafter.
Dual mode function allows dialing in a nice delay sound with footswitching ability to a shorter delay-line aka modulation effect. With full manipulation of an independent LFO circuit, this mode goes beyond a standard chorus range of wobble.

A high quality, analogue dry-path circuitry with a dedicated mix control ensures your dry remains pure and buffered, whilst mixing in the desired level of delay/modulation in parallel.

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Australia : $13.00
If you are located in Perth WESTERN AUSTRALIA and would like to arrange pickup in OSBORNE PARK 6017 (only available on certain days and times) please email anarchyaudioaustralia.com prior to purchasing, so that we can arrange a time + provide you with a checkout code to waive postage costs.

Everywhere else : a flat rate of $30.00 is listed, however, depending on your location, actual postage will be calculated and any surplus charges will be refunded via paypal.