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FTK Germanium (Gain of Tones Limited Edition)


Gain of Tones "FTK Germanium Edition"
Small run of 5

This run features the Gain of Tones Drive 1 mode with an extra germanum back end for a "stacked" result. The dynamic range however remains intact with a gain range of clean boost with huge output, to a more compressed distortion.

2 way toggle
UP - GoT/KoT NOS diodes
Down - Russian Germanium Diodes , unique to this FTK GE spec run

Demo clip - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGn1EmLHlT0

Enclosures -
Side mount jacks and top power with no deviation from the layout pictured however -
any custom colour or finish or laser engraved art options with no upcharge.
Please send an email to anarchyaudioaustralia@gmail dot com after deposit payment to finalise the any aesthetic requirements

$100AUD deposit with abt 2-3 weeks build time with the remaining $150AUD due upon completion.

Postage -
$15AUD express post
$30AUD international, however any differences from actual postage will be refunded via paypal.