EVERAFTER (DUAL MODE DELAY) "One off a kind" Finish

EVERAFTER (DUAL MODE DELAY) "One off a kind" Finish

$200.00 — On sale

Based on the delay portion of the Anarchy Audio Hereafter, with the second footswitch mode function adding modulation + Time2 control allowing the ability to dial in a very short delay time, or a note subdivision , as set from Time1
(eg dotted 8ths)

Right – master on/off
Left – select between Delay mode 1 (LED off) and
Modulated Delay mode 2 (LED on)

CONTROLS (CCW = counter clockwise / CW = clockwise)
MIX – mixer control for the dry analog and wet effect level. At fully CCW, there are no effects. Turning the knob CW brings in the level of effect.

TIME 1 – adjusts the delay (mode 1) time from 20ms to 760ms (at fully CW). At longer delay settings (500ms and above), the delay starts to exhibit vintage worn artefacts, akin to an old tape or vinyl player.

REPEAT – adjusts the number of effect repeats, from a short slap back to modulated ambience. At fully CW, multiple repeats fold over and cascade into self-oscillation.

When the Left mode switch is engaged (LED on), this activates the TIME 2 control, with the ability to dial in modulation on the repeats.

TIME 2 – Adjusts a secondary delay time, with reference to the TIME 1 setting.
eg. dotted 8th subdivision or a faster slapback echo

MOD – the depth of the modulation on the repeats

RATE – the speed of modulation on the repeats

Enclosure: 120 x 94 x 33mm
Power: 9V DC power supply via 2.1mm centre negative jack
Current draw: ~35mA
Buffered bypass with delay trails. Analog dry path.
No battery option

Blog - https://anarchyaudio.wordpress.com/2022/04/22/everafter-dual-mode-delay-diy-pedal-workshop-2022/

(same circuit as found in the previously held DIY workshop)

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EVERAFTER (DUAL MODE DELAY) "One off a kind" Finish Image 2 EVERAFTER (DUAL MODE DELAY) "One off a kind" Finish Image 3 EVERAFTER (DUAL MODE DELAY) "One off a kind" Finish Image 4 EVERAFTER (DUAL MODE DELAY) "One off a kind" Finish Image 5