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Flutterby Optical Tremelo (One-Off Copper Leaf Finish)

$220.00 / Sold Out

One-Off Copper Leaf Finish

The Flutterby is a vintage styled optical tremolo with three selectable waveforms plus an expression control option for the tremolo rate.

The Mix control can either blend in the tremolo depth or take the effect out of the circuit for use as a booster to push a tube amplifier into overdrive.

3 way toggle wave selects between:

Triangle (Smooth)
Asymmetrical (Smooth wave ramps up to a Chop)

EXP control input allows connection to an expression pedal (or volume with TRS to dual TS connection) to control the tremolo rate.

True Bypass
Top mounted Input, Output and Power, side mount EXP.
Requires 9V DC centre negative power supply (no battery)

Prices in Australian dollars

Playlist of clips - http://www.anarchyaudioaustralia.com/Modulate.html