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3XP Controller for AX8

$40.00 / Coming Soon

An initial run of an 3x Expression controller for the AX8... the 3XP is a collaboration with our product specialist Leon Todd (Ragdoll) which you can view his video demonstration here -


The instructions on how to build this yourself can be found in the link above (See descriptions) but
this listing is for those that do not have the tools, equipment or time to build one.

The 3XP connects to the expression inputs of your AX8 modeller via TRS cable and doesn't require additional power supplies to function. Each pot can then be assigned to a parameter in your AX8 modeller for instant access and smoother workflow. Popular assignments include, but are not limited to, delay mix, modulation rate and input gain and allow for on the fly adjustments without cumbersome menu surfing.

3XP enclosure - Black powdercoated 112mm Long x 60mm Wide x31mm High
TRS Cable - straight connector 50cm long

there are 2 order options -
3XP controller Only : $40AUD
3XP controller + 3x TRS cable bundle : $70AUD

Build Time - please allow up to 4 weeks from date of purchase.